Training & Team Building

Chris’s training reinvigorates your workforce, increasing employee engagement and performance while building a culture of connection.

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Disengagement and Lack of Retention
Destroy Organizations

We’re facing a crisis of loneliness. Driven by disconnection, nearly 70% of Americans are disengaged at work. This creates very real and lasting damage within your organization.

  • Lower customer satisfaction

  • Higher rates of staff turnover & absenteeism

  • Significantly reduced sales & performance

Leadership & Engagement Through Relationships

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Unify & Invigorate Your Team

Chris’s training unites teams, inspires passionate leadership, engages employees, and drives higher performance.

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Increase Productivity and Sales

Chris’s engagement expertise helps your team create meaningful connections that inspire higher performance, productivity, and sales.

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Build a Lasting & Influential Culture

Chris’s leadership equips you to build and continually improve a culture of connection that inspires employees and attracts top talent. Plus, his programs can include follow-up to help you sustain growth with your team.

About Chris

For more than 20 years, Chris Zervas has helped CEOs, impactful nonprofits, and Fortune 100 companies understand the power of relationship-based leadership and communication to improve employee retention, increase productivity, and drive higher performance.

How It Works

Chris Zervas has a simple conversation with you to understand your team building and corporate training needs.

It all starts with a simple chat.

Whether by phone, online, or in-person, Chris learns your specific needs and the vision you have for your employees, leadership, or organization as a whole.

Corporate trainer Chris Zervas sitting with people to understand their company's goals for training.

The training is tailored to your needs and goals.

Whether your teams are disconnected and performing poorly, or your leadership is struggling to connect and produce meaningful results, Chris’s training is tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Chris Zervas providing Oklahoma company with training and team building coaching

Chris unifies your team, inspires leadership, and ignites engagement.

Delivering passionate and engaging training, Chris brings your team, leadership, and goals into alignment. Your workforce enjoys new, meaningful, and authentic connections that boost engagement, performance, and their personal satisfaction.

Chris Zervas providing follow-up leadership and team-building training for an Oklahoma company's employees

Continually improve through follow-up training.

Chris schedules follow-up sessions with you to provide further training that’s custom-tuned to how your group is progressing, empowering your workforce and leadership.

Connected Teams. Inspired Leadership. Higher Performance.

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Highly-Engaged Workforce

Connected employees that draw strength and encouragement from one another are more engaged, less prone to burnout, produce happier customers, and generate higher sales.

Impactful Leadership

With leadership based in meaningful relationships, your vision is easily communicated, your employees trust in your guidance, and your organization enjoys lasting success.

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Influential Culture

When employees are engaged, leadership is effective, and your sales and productivity is growing, others take notice and you attract (and retain) top talent.

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Tailored to Your Goals

Every aspect of the training is designed to meet your goals for your organization’s workforce and future success.

Engage Employees and Inspire Leadership Online

Chris Zervas’s training sessions can also be conducted online.

  • Reduces expenses

  • Convenient for employees and leadership

  • Allows for closer, one-on-one sessions

Get Online Training

What People Say about Chris

Jeff Wilhoit, training manager at Big Cedar Lodge, recommends corporate team-building coach Chris Zervas

Chris did an amazing job with our staff. He was interactive and had a great delivery. Our associates wanted to listen to him for another hour.

Jeff Wilhoit Training Manager,
Big Cedar Lodge
Paul Stephens of the U.S. Veteran's Health Administration, recommends corporate team-building coach Chris Zervas

The leadership experience gained from the mentorship with Chris Zervas has not only produced a visible benefit with the development of a cohesive team… We were able to save money by eliminating training time, and reduced customer service response time by 25%.

Paul Stephens U.S. Veteran's Health Administration
Gary Smalley of the Smalley Relationship Center in support of keynote speaker Chris Zervas

Chris Zervas has a great grasp of the communication process and how to effectively teach it for the benefit of employees and their families. He’s relevant, engaging and able to communicate in such a way as to keep the message alive long after the presentation is over. Chris Zervas makes a difference.

Gary Smalley Founder & CEO, Smalley Relationship Center