Meet Chris Zervas

A born-and-raised Oklahoman, renowned leadership expert, and keynote speaker helping organizations retain talent and unlock their potential.

Passionate, engaging, and authentically Oklahoman

Chris Zervas helps busy leaders improve employee engagement and elevate their organization’s bottom line by enhancing their communication and leadership skills.

“Profound”, “engaging” and “fun” are words audiences often use to describe his programs, which are designed to help increase efficiency, productivity, and employee retention.

Chris empowers leaders to focus on relational, rather than transactional, communication and, according to his clients, has added value worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He is the author of the book, Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback, which guides leaders through day-to-day leadership principles and provides a decision tree to help successfully deliver difficult conversations.

He is the co-founder of Baby Builders infant exercise program, served two college communication faculties, worked in fundraising for more than 10 years and has been trained in conflict resolution through offices of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.

Chris is a Cherokee Citizen and lives in Oklahoma with his wife and five children.

Keynote speaker Chris Zervas and his family in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Chris’s Core Values

One of Chris Zervas's many core values is community. Icon of 3 people in a row. Gold color.


Without a genuine sense of community and connectivity, people and organizations wither from within. Connected workplace communities thrive.


Real person-to-person communication, driven by an authentically-connected workplace community, is the bedrock of organizational success.


Recognizing one another as flawed humans and communicating with compassion breaks down barriers and makes genuine communication a reality.

Connect Meaningfully with Your Team

Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback

Chris’s years of leadership and communication expertise are now available for you to own. Empower yourself, or your entire team, with Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback: The time-tested guide on how to build meaningful workplace relationships that create stronger teams and drive higher performance.

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