Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback Book - Paperback Version

Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback

Sustaining Healthy Conversations at Work

by Chris Zervas

Create stronger teams, engage your employees, and enjoy leading again.

About the Book

Chris’s years of leadership and communication expertise are now available for you to own. Empower yourself, or your entire team, with Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback: The time-tested guide on how to build meaningful workplace relationships that create stronger teams and drive higher performance.

With Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback you'll be able to:
  • Know the right time, setting, and delivery for giving critical feedback

  • Use praise and constructive criticism as leadership tools

  • Minimize stress and major confrontation through effective communication

  • Know what must be present for feedback to be effective

Get the tools you need to ignite employee engagement, lead your teams through influence, and handle difficult discussions so that they produce fruitful outcomes.

Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback, an employee engagement & retention book by author Chris Zervas

About Chris

For more than 20 years, Chris Zervas has helped CEOs, impactful nonprofits, and Fortune 100 companies understand the power of relationship-based leadership and communication to improve employee retention, increase productivity, and drive higher performance.

What People Say about Chris

Gary Smalley of the Smalley Relationship Center in support of keynote speaker Chris Zervas

Chris Zervas has a great grasp of the communication process and how to effectively teach it for the benefit of employees and their families. He’s relevant, engaging and able to communicate in such a way as to keep the message alive long after the presentation is over. Chris Zervas makes a difference.

Gary Smalley Founder & CEO, Smalley Relationship Center
Positive review of Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback book by an Amazon customer

Chris has taken his outstanding speaking and connection abilities and created great content we can use in a typical workplace. Many of his tips are very easily implemented but often overlooked by many in leadership. He comes from a background of deep understanding of how humans connect and interact. Great resource.

Amazon Customer Oklahoma, USA
Anton Stiles, Manager of IS Security OPs in the Federal Aviation Administration

One of the best classes on leadership I’ve ever attended. Phenomenal instructor!

Anton Stiles Manager, IS Security Ops,
Federal Aviation Administration
Bomb-Proof Constructive Feedback book - paperback version

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